Bulgarian Quality in the American Market: Why Thousands of Americans Chose Models from a Bulgarian Brand

Bulgarian Quality in the American Market: Why Thousands of Americans Chose Models from a Bulgarian Brand

This is a story about a Bulgarian brand that began its development in Sofia and reached heights with thousands of customers beyond the ocean, in the USA. A brand that, after years of success, decided to offer the quality of its clothing to Bulgarian customers as well.

In the exciting story of NikkaPlace, everything started as an idea - a vision to create elegant clothing for every stylish woman who values diversity and timeless silhouettes.

"At first, I studied different textiles in high school and continued my education in a completely different direction, but my interest in women's clothing remained a hobby," the owner of the brand shares.

Sewing – an example of designing a new piece of clothing

Over time, after completing her higher education, she continued with her hobby, and after finishing a program in construction and modeling at the New Bulgarian University, she established her own small studio.

"When I started working in the studio, I gained a lot of experience, but I also realized that it was time to create my own brand with a focus on sustainability and personal approach. With the help of my dear life partner, who is an entrepreneur, NikkaPlace brand was created," she shares.

And so, a few years later, NikkaPlace became not only part of the wardrobes of thousands of Americans but also part of their everyday life. Today, it receives thousands of positive reactions and feedback from its customers.
The brand's followers find in it not just another online clothing store, but a true sense of identity, combined with high quality, excellent standards, and a precise style that matches their taste.

Nikkaplace: Made by women for women

"In the beginning, the style of the clothes was a bit raw, unpretentious, and simple, but now, thanks to my knowledge of different fabrics, as well as the feedback from our clients, the designs have become more polished, confident, and masterful."
The style that NikkaPlace represents harks back to times when fashion was timeless and not influenced by trends. A sustainable, classic style for modern, confident women.

The materials used for the clothes are the brand's greatest advantage. In a sea of fake and harmful materials for the skin, NikkaPlace uses only the highest quality wool, linen, and other natural fabrics.

"We focus on natural materials because we believe that our bodies deserve the best, and nature deserves responsible treatment. We create designs that are elegant, comfortable, and diverse, suitable for both everyday wear and formal occasions."

"Made by women for women..." The team that the owner managed to assemble today consists entirely of women. Excellent professionals who participate in the entire process - from construction and modeling to sewing and packaging. Everything is done together, united, with a lot of love and attention to detail.

Nikkaplace: A story about a brand born in Sofia selling to customers in US.

One of the main philosophies of their production process is that everything created should be with the customer in mind. From how it fits them to how they would feel in their clothes and how it can contribute to their better and more positive mood.
"Our brand is a safe escape from fashion trends and consumerism; slow fashion and sustainable production are at the core of everything we do."

NikkaPlace is launching in the local market with the aim of becoming one of the recognizable premium brands in Bulgaria. NikkaPlace is releasing its winter collection of high-quality coats, vests, tops, and others suitable for the cold winter season.

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