Let us share what we've found so far.

How captivating your work life can turn out to be, once you start doing what truly makes your heart feel warm and excited! For us, this is the blessing of having the chance to give our whole energy and dedication into these simple, yet fascinating clothes.

Where it All Began

Everything started as a childhood dream – creating the best possible apparel for the elegant feminine lady who seeks variety and timeless silhouette.

I studied as a seamstress during high school and continued my education in a totally different direction. During my university years, I’ve been tailoring clothes to support my studies, but it wasn’t before starting to work in a small atelier that I realized it was high time I created my brand with sustainability and a personal approach in mind.

With the help of my dear partner in life, who is an entrepreneur by vocation, the NikkaPlace brand was set up.

Evolving to Excellence

In the beginning, the apparel’s style was a bit raw, unpretentious, and simple, whereas now, thanks to the expertise and insight into the client’s needs and preferences, the brand has become more accomplished, confident, and masterful.

Our aim is to continue developing the brand and make sure that the customers are satisfied and happy!

Natural Fabrics, Timeless Style

NikkaPlace gives this retro vibe of times long gone but still makes sure to deliver an evergreen, classic touch for the modern women out there.

We rely on natural fabrics as we believe our bodies deserve the best, and our nature – a responsible attitude. We make wearable elegance by bringing an effortless chic that is comfortable and versatile, suitable for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion.

Being size-inclusive and body positive is one of the things that makes the brand stand out.

Crafted by Women for Women

We pride ourselves on being a women-designed brand, where the team comprises women, moms, and fantastic specialists, who can take part in the whole process – from constructing, and modeling to sewing and packaging.

Every time a garment has to be made, together we visualize how the person looks, and how the apparel will feel for the one wearing it; we just simply want to give the attitude that we, as women, want to receive.

The brand is a safe escape from trends and consumerism where slow fashion and low waist production are at its core.

We thank each one of you who had the time to look through our creations and finds their reflection in our pieces!

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