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Find Your Personal Style: A Guide for Women

Buying clothes for ladies can be difficult and confusing. There are so many trends, colors, and brands that you like. Sometimes you go shopping for clothes with an idea, but then you don't know how to continue.
Or you buy clothes that you don't wear and they are just hanging in your closet because you have nowhere to wear them, nothing to pair them with, they don't fit your style or you are uncomfortable with them.
To help you make better clothing choices and create fashionable outfits, here are some basic factors to consider when buying and wearing clothes.

Find Clothes That Align With Your Inner World, Mood, and Personal Beliefs

As ladies, we all know that we wear a lot of hats on our heads. Usually, as a result, our wardrobe is full of many clothes that are different in style and color, some of them that we have never worn. They are no longer suitable for our figure, our social position, or our roles in life.

Behind them, we hide our identity in our busy everyday life. Or we just have neutral clothes suitable for all occasions. And at some point, we realize that we may have something to wear on our body, but nothing to express our soul.

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Five steps to express your inner world with clothes

  1. Begin the journey to your individual style by becoming aware of your personal values, strengths, characteristics, and goals. Find out which of these you would like to express through your clothes and what clothes would help you achieve your goals.
  2. Analyze yourself. Formulate how you perceive yourself, reread your old notes, and look at photos from recent years. Take note of what has remained constant and what has recently emerged. Listen when people close to you talk about you or ask them how they can describe you in a few words.
  3. Think about the psychological reasons that make you make these clothing choices. Answer the following questions in writing:
    1. What is the hardest part about creating outfits from clothes you already have?
    2. What do you want to change or improve about your own style? 
    3. What does the person whose style you describe as individual and original look like?
    4. What makes you want to change your dressing style?
  4. Take a look at some fashion influencers, and read some articles to understand the connection between the inner world and the way we dress and how to convey our individuality in the outer world with the derrieres we wear. You will also understand how people talk about this relationship and this expression and what words and concepts they use.
  5. Learn to "talk" about what is important to yourself by using the language of clothing. This will help you to choose your concept and style, change your approach to shopping, review the clothes in your wardrobe, and put together new outfits that will make you feel like you are reinventing yourself.

          Reflection is necessary to learn how to express yourself - first through clothes, and then with the help of other tools and in other areas of your life. 

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          Determine the Best Dress Style for Your Lifestyle and Profession

          Do you prefer a sporty-elegant style or does your profession require you to be in strictly formal attire? Or maybe you have an artistic profession and need to translate your creativity? All these factors will affect your selection of clothing.

          It's not just about looking stylish and fashionable. If you don't define your style or own a lot of different clothes, it will be difficult to combine them.

          Now, there's nothing wrong with having more than one fashion style as long as you're aware of them all and incorporate them strategically into your wardrobe.

          How to define your own style?

          The first step is to look for inspiration. There are many ways to do this, especially with social media and the Internet:

          1. Look up a celebrity you want to be like in clothing style and appearance

          Find or think of a celebrity - influencer, blogger, writer, or actor - who you like the way they look and who you want to look like. It better be a contemporary person, even if you really like Greta Garbo, for example. Otherwise, you run the risk of not finding many pictures and looking a bit old-fashioned.

          2. Create a Pinterest board

          A good way to find out what you like as a dress style is by looking for inspiration online and creating a Pinterest board. This network is a great tool for the job.

          Browse photos and add anything you like. Then look through the photos and notice what repeats. This is another step towards finding your personal style. Viewing and saving photos you like on Instagram works the same way.

          3. Look around for the style of the people around you

          Look around you, pay attention to your friends and contacts - how they dress, which one has their own style that you like. Think about what that style is and what sets it apart.

          4. Look at your own wardrobe

          Which clothes do you like? Which accessories do you use the most? Think about what you like in your clothes and accessories.

          Once you've done this research process, you may find that there are quite a few styles you like. And that's okay. But to develop your style, don't dress romantic one day and sporty another. Rather, try to combine elements of different styles into one outfit. That way, you'll begin to develop your own individual style.

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          Choose the best clothes according to your figure and what you are comfortable wearing 

          • We continue by examining ourselves. 
          • Think about yourself or look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. 
          • Decide which features you want to highlight and which you want to hide.
          • You can use clothing to make certain aspects of your appearance appear larger, smaller, more obvious, or less noticeable. For example, for ladies with large busts, a cape would be a comfortable choice.


          Clothes with a vertical stripe make the part of the body they are worn on look visually elongated. Conversely, horizontal stripes widen. A pattern with bright colors draws attention to the part where you wear it.


          Low-waisted clothes can make your body look more shapely and with a better-defined waist. A high-waisted skirt or pants can accentuate your bust.


          A-line silhouettes are great for hiding the volume in your middle. Skirts with a straight silhouette are also good for this. Balloon skirts have the opposite effect and will add volume to the hips and thighs.

          Bringing it All Together: Final Thoughts on Finding Your Personal Fashion Style

          You don't have to spend a lot of money on fashionable clothes to look great. You can buy affordable, stylish, and quality clothes to maintain your self-confidence, feel your best and be happy with your clothing choices if you ask the right questions beforehand.

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